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INDEBASMENT Records & Audio Productions

Live Music Recording | Audio Transfers | Voice-Overs | Remixing | Mastering

INDEBASEMENT Audio Productions is your best choice for custom music editing for dance programs, bodybuilding competitions, fitness competitions, figure skating programs, recitals or anything that requires editing of music you are performing to. 

We use industry standard Digital Performer audio editing software to cut and blend your music into your own unique musical program. We are always more than happy to suggest ideas on how to enhance and improve your program and then will master your new program by bringing the volumes and equalization to professional levels to ensure everyone in your audience feels the full effect of your performance.  Combine all this with 5 years of music editing experience for professional competitors and you can be assured of the highest quality audio when it counts the most! 

All CD, cassette, vinyl records, mini-disk or reel to reel can be transfered  into a CD-R or cassette medium for your competitions. 

For clients outside of the greater Windsor Ontario area, 
just send us your music and ideas and we'll do the rest. 
Phone us @ 519-966-2150 for more information.

Our Clients Include

Nationally ranked bodybuilders, local bodybuilders
& fitness competitors

Larry Wright, Jared Atlinson, Jennifer Irving, Christine Stillmack, 
Brett Sheppard, Frank Des Rosiers, Robin Eve, Audrey Letourneau

Dance Companies & Gymnastics Schools
Darcy's School of Dance, Andrea Stafford's School of Dance, Keltic Fury Dance Company, Leamington Gymnastics, Ecos de Portugal Dance Company, Amherstburg Public School


Windsor Ontario Michigan recording studio


"Working with Jimmy was a wonderful experience. He really went to the wall for our project with his valuable expertise. There'n no way we would have been able to capture 18 songs live off the floor without him behind the console"

Frank Foxx - The Jumpkatz