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INDEBASEMENT Audio Mastering Services

T Racks Mastering Software | Windsor Ontario Michigan Recording studio

   All INDEBASEMENT Audio mastering is done on professional T-RACKS mastering software in 24 bit 44.1 khz sampling rates. The reason for using these sampling rates is that CD sampling rates are 16bit/44.1 khz. The less you have to reconvert sampling rates, the cleaner and truer the digital audio will remain.

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INDEBASEMENT's  Audio Mastering Services using T Racks Mastering Software includes overall volume, track EQing, leveling, master compression and limiting as well as track begining/ending editing, master fading and track numbering.

Rates -$50 per song / $30 per song (2-4) / $25 per song (5-10) / $20 per song (10 or more)

All songs mastered to CD-r blank disc (included in price)

Professional Mastering CD-r disc - $15 (required for professional replication)


 audio mastering T Racks software


"Working with Jimmy was a wonderful experience. He really went to the wall for our project with his valuable expertise. There'n no way we would have been able to capture 18 songs live off the floor without him behind the console"

Frank Foxx - The Jumpkatz