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Windsor Ontario Michigan Recording Studio


 Recording properly is job #1 at INDEBASEMENT Audio Productions, the Windsor Ontario Michigan recording studio.

   The audio signal path is the most critical part of recording at INDEBASEMENT Audio Productions. The Windsor Ontario Michigan recording studio uses high quality recording equipment including professional microphones, microphone cables, properly acoustically treated rooms, a custom upgraded recording console and industry standard Apogee and MOTU analog to digital converters to capture your music and voice to stable Macintosh digital harddrives.

   windsor ontario michigan recording studio - image 

    Call Producer Jimmy Graham's  Windsor Ontario Michigan recording studio, INDEBASEMENT Audio Productions today!




"Working with Jimmy was a wonderful experience. He really went to the wall for our project with his valuable expertise. There'n no way we would have been able to capture 18 songs live off the floor without him behind the console"

Frank Foxx - The Jumpkatz